Software Defined Storage An investment worth every byte.

As data growth continues to outpace the growth of IT budgets, organizations need a brand new storage approach away from lock-in, proprietary vendors and take advantage of industry standard x86 infrastructure for storage. This data influx is driving the need for storage that is flexible, affordable, easy to scale and simple to deploy and manage.

Lenovo together with Software Defined Storage Vendors have been creating cutting-edge technology appliances that give your business the opportunity to quickly and confidently deploy affordable and easily scalable software defined storage on x86 servers.


Here is a quick glance at two solutions from Lenovo partnering with Software Defined Storage Vendors; Nexenta and Cloudian.


Unified file and block storage with all flash, hybrid and HDD.

  • High-performance, full-featured scalable storage
  • Enterprise-grade Lenovo systems
  • Easy integration with VMware cloud, OpenStack and CloudStack
  • Multi-Petabyte Active Archiving for data growth
  • Dramatically reduce storage costs for cloud and enterprise workloads
  • Optimize capacity with inline compression
  • Perpetual licensing, no new software fees, when the hardware is refreshed
  • Maximize performance with remote replication
  • Achieve data integrity and availability
  • Maximize performance with Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2600 v4 series
  • Save energy costs with smart energy-efficient features


Flexible scale-out object storage for massive data growth.

  • On-demand scalability with your data growth
  • Durable, efficient protection for all data
  • Dramatic reduction of storage costs
  • Designed for cloud and guaranteed S3 ready
  • Secure data storage with Replication and Erasure Coding
  • Fully automated node addition and removal
  • Perform non-disruptive rolling upgrades
  • Automate failure avoidance with Dynamic Object Routing
  • Achieve simple disaster recovery with Cross Region Replication
  • Automatically identify hot spot issues with Visual Storage Analytics
  • Maximize performance with Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2600 v4 series
  • Take advantage of turnkey solution with single contact worldwide support
So if you’re looking for the perfect storage solution, Lenovo has one made just for you.