Security & Surveillance When your security gets compromised, it Hertz.

Video Surveillance Solutions can help you reduce and prevent theft and minimize business risk. Moreover, video surveillance can also add value to your business by providing you with key insights on customer behavior and in increasing workplace productivity and more.

Today, Video Surveillance is being driven by new requirements for higher resolution, longer retention times, and the need to implement new technologies, such as video analytics, augmented reality and cloud storage. Many of these changes trigger the need for larger storage capacities in the storage side of the solution.

A video surveillance eco-system consists of many components like the camera, video management software, networking, servers and storage. Lenovo offers you a wide range of storage, server and networking solutions that you can rely on. The versatile Lenovo System x3550 M and x3650 M5 rack servers fuel almost any workload 24/7, from infrastructure to Big Data with industry-leading reliability.

Here are three suggested solutions.

Lenovo S3200/S2200 SAN Storage

  • Versatile SAN Storage
  • Flexible configurations, scalable storage up to 192 Drives
  • Full drive encryption keeps your data safe
  • Hybrid connectivity: 16Gbps FC and / or 10Gbps iSCSI or 12Gbps SAS
  • Hybrid configurations and tiering provide All Flash Array like performance at low prices
  • Designed for 99.999% availability
  • High performance and impressive throughput at very competitive pricing
  • Easy to install and manage


  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solution
  • Purpose-built for Video Surveillance
  • Extreme resiliency and higher availability
  • Effective mobility
  • Simple and cost-effective
  • Reduced cost
  • Increases scalability


  • Software Defined Storage Solution that runs on industry standard x86 servers, and provides NAS and SAN capabilities, including support for CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel storage access
  • Enables you to protect data through a range of backup and replication capabilities, including unlimited snapshots and clones. It also allows synchronization to multiple destinations, thereby allowing site-to-site replications across disparate destinations
  • Data Integrity is always maintained
  • Flexible Streaming Formats
  • Optimal Workflow for Video Surveillance Storage
  • Hybrid Storage Pools helps in Optimizing Performance
  • Provides unified storage management at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems, allowing for high-efficiency scalability
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