Big Data and Analytics Big Data helps your business perform beta.

To gain better business insights, you need to manage the volume, variety, and velocity of data, while applying analytics. With Lenovo-engineered big data reference architectures validated on Lenovo servers, you can harness the power of Apache™ Hadoop® with Cloudera®, MapR® and IBM InfoSphere BigInsights® for data at rest. Lenovo servers provide highly reliable and flexible foundations for your business analytics solutions. Recognized benefits include outstanding scalability for growth and optimized systems and validated reference architectures.


With the Lenovo System solutions for SAP® HANA®, your organization will be able to instantly access, model and analyze all of your SAP business transactional and analytical data.


  • Do more with less Simplifies your IT infrastructure by integrating server, storage and virtualization in a central unit.
  • Boost your performance to boost your business Accelerate all your process transactions and analytics against a single copy of data in-memory to get key insights in real-time.
  • Innovate, before your competitors do Using automation, predictive analytics and by integrating all your processes on one platform, you can optimize your time consumed and focus on innovating faster, better and before your competitors.
  • Start small and grow Lenovo servers can be seamlessly integrated into your business infrastructure. With a SAP certification of 94 nodes @282TB, it is highly scalable and can accommodate multiple generations of technology in the same server.
So, if you’re looking to accelerate your business processes, deliver more business intelligence and simplify your IT environment, you know the answer lies with us.